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Saving The Arts Project!

The Arts Project is in serious trouble and may be forced to close its doors!  If this is your first time hearing this news, please read this article from the London Free Press published Thursday:

This is horrific news to many of us who depend on The Arts Project for performance, exhibition and work space. The Arts Project offers all emerging artists and performers opportunities we can't find elsewhere in this city, and we need to fight to keep it alive here in London.

If you have been personally affected by The Arts Project and want to show your support, please write to all city councilors stating the importance of TAP by early Monday or before. Keep it positive and brief (these words from Judy Bryant) stating how important this place is to us, how a vibrant downtown is vital, London is a great place that needs this.

Monday at 5:00 at City Hall there will be a meeting about the Arts Project's fate in the gallery. Please come and show your support. I know I personally will be there regardless of the weather.

If you're unable to attend, and missed the writing deadline, please consider making a donation to The Arts Project… they need community support in all ways now more than ever.

Here is the list of council members:

Ward Councillors:;;;;;; ;;;; ;;;

Board of control:;;;

The mayor:

City Council:

Together we can fight and save this place!

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