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Haptic Parachrony - A Reception Invitation!

Hi everyone, I'm currently having my first London solo exhibit at The Art Exchange (247 Wortley Rd, London Ontario) and tomorrow (Friday Aug. 17th) there will be a reception at 7:30. If you're looking for something to do near the village, come down and check it out! Or, you can check out the art any time during normal gallery hours until August 25th.

click for full sized show flyer

“Haptic Parachrony is a world that once existed, which now lies buried beneath our feet and the hewn pavement of the streets. Underneath the malls and houses and skyscrapers that cover this transmuted, renovated, completely urbanized landscape.”

From August 13-25th 2007, The Art Exchange will be hosting Axl T. Ernst’s eagerly anticipated first solo exhibition and sale, Haptic Parachrony. Featuring mixed media acrylic-based works, the show explores a variety of subjects inspired by ancient fossil artifacts and natural geographical phenomena. These wonderful works are created with rich, lush colours and beautiful textures, masterfully crafted using a variety of acrylic, collage and assemblage techniques.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, August 17th, at 7:30 pm and I send an open invitation for you and your friends to come out and celebrate this most recent achievement, and enjoy the work and atmosphere with fellow friends and artists.

Haptic Parachrony is world that still exists, so long as we never let ourselves forget it.

For more information about this show, as well as a preview of the exhibit, please visit the Art Exchange Website at, as well as my own blog at

Thank you, and I hope to see you there!


Axl T. Ernst

Thanks, and hope to meet some of you there!
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